Moments - Gabriela Gesualdo & Tiana Kriegl

A cool blend of two superb female vocalists and their guitar. Folk elements are mixed in with a little urban spice here and there to create a fantastic listen. Gabriela and Tiana's songwriting skills are unparalleled and fully showcased on this album.
Genre:  Folk: Folk-Rock
Release Date: 2012
1. Scream
2. Superman
3. It Should Be That Way (Unplugged Version)
4. Who You Are
5. Changing This Whole World Around (2012 Version)
6. Let Go

Vocal: Gabriela Gesualdo; Tiana Kriegl.
Vocal Rap on "Let Go": Jeremy Minani. 
Guitar: Gabriela Gesualdo; Robert Hrabluk; Tiana Kriegl.  
Bass/Keyboards/Drum Set & Percussion: Robert Hrabluk.

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